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Fall Open House

We were closed for more than a week in early Oct. to recover from breakthrough covid infections. I am so glad that Sherry and I were both vaccinated. We were really sick. But we recovered!!So, in this era of pandemic, we have been thinking of my annual November sale and how we can work it to keep everyone reasonably safe. We came up with the idea of having the sale for 6 days, not just 2 and hopefully we won't have too many people in here at once. The sale will be from Monday the 15th through Saturday the 20th of November. 9am-5pm.

I hope everyone will protect themselves and wear a mask. We will have some here if you don't have one.

There will be refreshments. And bargains, lots of bargains!! Everything in the store will be 20% off. This means the website as well.

I hope you all can make at some point during the week!


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Oh Salli I’m so glad you and Sherry are doing better. This 3/4 wave of Covid just seems to be getting worse. I really hope more people get vaccinated to help keep the rest of us healthy. Katherine

Me gusta
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