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Class Descriptions  

Under Constuction .

One Block Wonder Class - a two session class

  If you are unfamiliar with this technique, it is a method of stacking fabric so that the repeats match up and allow you to create a kaleidoscope effect. We used an equilateral triangle as our shape for this class.   Participants will learn Maxine Rosenthal's method of creating a beautiful one of a kind quilt.

Session one - students will learn techniques of  auditioning fabrics, stacking layers, cutting the equilateral triangles, piecing the triangles into hexies.  Chaining technique for creating the half-Hexies.  Students will have approximately two weeks to assemble the half hexies before returning to session two for design and assembly. 

Session two - students will return to class with completed half- hexi block and  on the design wall, auditioning Hexies into interesting and dynamic arrangements.  techniques for light flow through the design will be explored.  Assembling rows and  adding borders. 

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