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What's New?

I'm sure you all have been looking around the new format the last couple days and I hope that you, the Fabric World, are pleased.

I thought that I would just do a quick run down of the new features. Quick note before we get going, a good rule of thumb, if it is underlined, it is a clickable link.

Let's start at the Home Page:

- The monthly sale item is posted and linked to the appropriate page.

This month is Batiks, just so you know.

- The most Recently Added items will be in a hexagon grid. You may also click the heading to see a fuller page of Recently Added items. Each picture in the hexagon is clickable and gives you an option to go to the link or to scroll through the pictures.

-Events will be posted to the right of the Recently Added items.

-Contact information and About Salli's are at the bottom of the Home page.

Let's move on. The Designers Page, Collection Page, and the Categories Page are all the same.

-Pick, click, shop.

Please, explore the new site thoroughly, and feel free to let me know your opinions or if I've made and error anywhere.

Happy Fabricing everyone

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