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Book Club

Big Announcement!

Salli's Back Porch Fabrics is teaming up with our neighbors over at for a brand new book club.

Our first pick in this new club is Educated, by Idaho – born author Tara Westover.

To get a copy head to your nearest library or locally owned bookshop and pick up a copy in any format you choose. However, if that’s not an option for you, we have three copies available to the first three people who click on the following link!

Locally, we’ll be gathering at Salli’s Back Porch Fabrics Oct. 2 during the “Stitchy Fingers” potluck to discuss the book. Don’t live locally? No problem -- join the book discussion at You’ll just need to register as a member. (It’s free!)

Questions? Call Karma at 208-308-3185 or

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