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No-sew project

Hi there, it’s Kimbre, the non-sewer again.

“Fabric?” Salli questioned as she looked at two pieces of fabric sitting on my kitchen island. “Oh, that is from years ago when I attempted to make the girls aprons… Grandma had to finish them.” We all had a good little laugh.

Now I know I explained last time that I don’t know anything about fabric and the materials. If you value the life of your sewing machine, you will never let me near it. It can be threaded and ready to go, all I have to do is sit and push the pedal slowly. Within two seconds the poor machine will be screaming and the thread is everywhere. I don’t sew either.

So why did I dig the fabric out? Well, I found a no sew project to do with it. All I have to do is cut and place the pieces into embroidery rings. Great and easy decorations for the baby’s room, ta-da!

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