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I don't fabric!

Now, let's just start by saying I in no way can sew or quilt! I can, in a pinch, mend a blown out crotch, replace a button and once upon a time I was known to do some cross stitching. But I so much as look at a sewing machine and it binds and grinds and begs for someone to get me the heck away from it.

I do however appreciate those who are inclined this way. My aunt is one of these people, so much so that she has her own Fabric Shop in Shoshone, ID - Salli's Back Porch Fabrics

Her and my uncle have added room after room over the years to the point that one time when I went to visit I had to go through the entire shop like I had never been there before because of the number of improvements and added rooms.

Over the past year she has added the "newest room" which I get to be apart of, this room is online. I have been working on getting all her fabric uploaded to the site. So if you ever visit the site, you have to visit often because I am always updating and adding new fabrics. Some day, I will get all 5 rooms of fabric into the online store and be able to move on to other things such as fat quarters, notions, and jelly rolls. Let me tell you how disappointed I was to find out that a jelly roll had nothing to do with food, I was very sad and very hungry for what I imagined would be a delicious dessert.

But I'll get back to the Fabric Shop, now that I am staying at home, working on the Online Fabric Store is my main line of work and entertainment. I will probably never learn how to operate a sewing machine to the point that I could use any of the amazing fabrics I have seen, but I know you readers will find a way to put all this material to good use!

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